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Plasmid Films has been founded in late 2016 by a group of students, who were interested in filmmaking. The idea behind the project was to create short movies about certain problems that exist in humanity. The first bigger project was called 'The Good Evil', a 5-Episode Web-Series that was based on J.K. Rowling's "Harry Potter", but instead of replaying or adding to that story, "The Good Evil" has a separated storyline that does not belong to the Harry Potter franchise. It may be similar to a parallel universe.
Nowadays, Plasmid Films produces GTA short movies that are currently leading up to an own franchise, portraying the life of the main protagonist "Felix Baker". We are also looking into producing more movies in the gaming franchise as well as in real life.
Plasmid Films is currently in Production for their newest feature film Arbitrium: The Final Decision, which is set to continue the story of Felix Baker and is taking place in the present time. It is featuring several award-winning actors and crew written by Don Erikson and Fabian Siebecke. Furthermore, the movie is produced by Fabiola Andújar and directed by Fabian Siebecke.
If you would like to know more about Arbitrium: The Final Decision, please feel free to visit its website.

Arbitrium: The Final Decision's Website

Arbitrium: The Final Decision (2020) Poster


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