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Short Film | Thriller | Live Action | 27 min

Succeed to Escape




"Succeed To Escape" is a story about five young adults locked into a basement room and have to face trials to be freed. During these trials, they face their conflicts within themselves and with each other.

The movie was nominated in the following categories:
Best Thriller at altFF
Best Actor (Fabian Siebecke at altFF
Best Actress (Kathi Hofer) at altFF
Best Sound Design (Daniel Navarro Pérez) at GNIFF.

The movie was selected at Global Lift Off Film Festival and became Semi-Finalist at the Hollywood International Golden Age Film Festival.

Succeed to Escape received its first award at GNIFF for
Best Long Short.

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Important People

  • Directed & Written by: Fabian Siebecke
  • Produced by: Fabian Siebecke, Daniel Navarro Pérez
  • Director of Photography: Madeleine Wörheide, Fabian Siebecke

  • Starring: Fabian Siebecke, Kathi Hofer, Vandross Alage, Daniel Navarro Pérez, Sophia-Marie Beck
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