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About Us

About Us

Plan, develop and film

We plan, develop and film great stories that deliver an important message to the audience.

We love telling stories that inspire and make people want to better themselves.


For every movie we make, there has to be an idea. The idea gets formed into a treatment and following that, a script. We love pre-production and getting ready to film.
When we start filming, we get right into it and cannot stop until we have to or are done.
After filming, Post-Production begins. A long process of shaping the filmed material into the movie we want it to be. Lastly, we have to get it out to the world.

Steps of each production


We make posters and promotional assets for our productions that tell a story in themselves.

  • art direction
  • movie posters
  • print media
  • marketing graphics
  • inspiring


We build concepts and treatments for our productions and make sure to not leave any plotholes or similar.

  • pitch decks
  • episode bibles
  • treatment
  • script
  • storbyoard


Regardless if it is a movie or series, we develop the story and characters in a way, they almost seem real.

  • world-building
  • character exploration
  • the stakes
  • the conflict
  • the resolution


Once the story is set, the characters explored and everything is ready to, we start the production. Ranging from pre-production to filming to post-production. What could be more fun?


When the movie or series is made, it needs to be seen. For that, we create unique marketing strategies and campaigns to get the movie distributed and seen.

  • Distribution on OTT, TVOD, etc.
  • Advertising Campaign
  • Marketing & Paid Media
  • Creative & Photography
  • Social Media Content
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